Vol. 17: “Collegiate Standard”

The “Collegiate Standard” lead us back to the 1990’s, around the synergistic correlation between book as major entertainment & library as a nostalgic place.

The collections pays homage to the entire librarians for retaining reading culture while the internet is holding the forth.

Taking quality garments up a notch, the collection features everyday apparel led by 60’s line art graphic tees, Theodore classic workshirt, breezy Kasper librarian overshirt, and our signature Miles corduroy jacket.

Meanwhile the new comer Bjorn collar tee and Easton rugby shirt adding subtle for the collegiate boys club to warm over the library. The humble tones from these articles are inspired from the library ambience.

The campaign was taken in “Taman Bacaan Hendra”, one of the iconic book café established by Juliana Huwae in Bandung since 1967, with around 70.000 books collection.

Vol. 17 “Collegiate Standard”