Vol. 15: “Major Harmony”

27th September 2022

The perceptual of Major Harmony comes from the tones that run together. Creativity, composition, section, movement, and phrase that pour through the products have always been used as a way of self-expression and obtainable forms of art throughout decades.

However, Major Harmony give us the sense on how fashion and music walking towards. Elvis with 1950’s teen pop fashion, Beatles with 1960’s Mod subculture’s brand, Sex Pistols with 1970’s punk scenes, Bowie with glam sci-fi “backstories” performances, Kobain with 1990’s grunge styles.
Generally, these senses give us the connection on how fashion influences music and vice versa.

MAJOR HARMONY – Consisting of 15 new articles that come in harmony as an essential key for everyone’s attire.